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Shattered Glass

I believe that the movie “Shattered Glass” is a very good movie for the topic at hand that we are dealing with when it comes to our current paper/project. The movie covers all types of ethical issues. For example, the movie itself, I believe, is an ethical issue because basically is it right or wrong to write an article in a well established magazine that are completely false. Of course in my eyes I believe it to be morally and ethically wrong and out right crazy because if you are doing such a thing then you are nothing at all. The movie also shows that with each paper that Mr. Glass has written is an ethical issue, for example, the hacker convention or even the political article that was written. Overall I think that this movie has opened my eyes to a world of ethical rights and wrongs and can help me in the long run when it comes down to my paper.

Free Write 4

So I know this week is another free write so I have decided on talking about a recent tragic event that has occurred. On the recent night of February 16th, 2008, a car at the intersection of Dale Mabry and Waters Avenue struck two girls at ages of 17 and 18. One of the girls was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and the other is in critical condition at St. Jude’s Children Hospital. The girls were apparently crossing the road at about 10 P.M. at night when the incident occurred. I felt that I needed to write about this topic because the two girls that were involved in this horrific accident were on a soccer team from New York here for a local, major soccer tournament. My sister who is from Daytona Beach, Florida has a team that is from Orlando that is also in the same tournament and I felt that this is such a freak accident because of the way things have turned out for these two girls and their team and the effect that the incident has had on all the of the families, teams, and players of the tournament. All I have to say is that I wish the best for the girl that is still in the hospital and her family and the family of the girl who unfortunately died, as well as all the girls their families from the team.

Free Write 3

Hmm. What do I want to talk about this week; well there is a lot of stuff that has happened this week. I found out I got a 100 percent on my first Engineering Calculus exam, I worked for the first time in two weeks, I went out on Thursday night with all my friends and had a blast. Overall this week has been so crazy and so hectic that I am just worn out. For example, last night I went out with my friends to the lovely place called Ybor City where we danced and partied all night. Yet the thing that sucked the most was the fact that I didn’t get home until around 3:45 A.M. and I was tired. Therefore I went to bed but stupid me had to work this morning. So I went to bed around four in the morning and woke up for work at eight so I could get ready and get there by ten. All I have to say is that I am exhausted because work just seemed to take forever to get over with and it wasn’t even busy. And now I’m finishing up these two blogs in order to get my points and keep up with work before I go and pass out for the lack of sleep that I had received the night before. O well that’s my topic of choice for this week.

Event Intrest

Throughout these past two weeks there has been a lot of things going on. One of those many things is that Presidential Primary Elections. I am kind of excited about all the things that are happening this year with the Presidential Elections because on both sides of the different parties there are very close races, especially now, for the candidate spot for their party. I personally though grew up in a republican house hold and I was brought up with certain views about everything in the world. Yet now that I am out and on my own I have these mixed emotions about things that concern different topics at hand. Therefore when I register to vote, which I will be doing in the upcoming weeks I will register an independent because that is what I feel is right for me at this point in time. Anyway I think that the Presidential Primary Elections, especially after all that has happened with the Florida Primary being the week before Big Tuesday and all the interesting things that went down with the Democratic side of the Elections. Overall this year is going to be one never to forget as we approach the deadline of the first Tuesday of November, the pressure is on.

Free Write 2

Modeling. The world of modeling is crazy and insane. I have been told main times that I should be a model because apparently I am worthy of being in prints ads. Well I think I am going to peruse what people say I am worthy of because I want to give it a shot. Right now it is very hard for me to peruse the modeling thing because I am in school and that takes up a lot of my time yet I have been to one casting call in my life which was an amazing experience if I do say so myself.
Right now I am a Hollister Co. model in the store at the International Plaza and Bay Street. I have been working there for the past couple of months since August of the past year. In November of 2007 I was asked to go to the casting call for the Abercrombie and Fitch Company which I was obviously so excited to go to. Unfortunately I was not chosen for the 2008 fall photo shoot but still its okay.
Again so right now with school and everything I am going to be trying to find a legitimate model agency in which I could branch off of with an agent who could thus lead me into the lovely, yet hated, world of modeling. Wish me luck!

Ky :-P

Class Discussion

“Should you give a homeless person a dollar?” that is that question that I am to answer according to the blog entry. Personally I have a very interesting view on the homeless people of the world. I personally fear them. And I know that that sounds a bit “sissy-is” but I really, truly am afraid of them. I have had personal experiences with the homeless people and with my experiences I have had is how I come to the conclusion of my fear for them.
Though I may seem that I have such a focused view towards a homeless person I still would possibly give a dollar to one if the circumstances called for it. When I say that I mean first off I would obviously need to have a dollar on me to give away, which is rare enough because I rarely carry any money on me at all. Secondly I really feel that it would also depend on the mood I was in that particular day and/or how I was feeling that day because I am a very giving person but I feel that money isn’t something to give away.
Really like I said it all depends on how I feel that day and even if I have the money to give away. But I feel that anyone can get of a rut and get back up on their feet. Even though I understand that most homeless people choose to be like that because they are lazy or mentally not all there. I still though don’t think that its very plausible for me not to give a homeless person a dollar.

Free Write

Since this blog is a free write I feel the need to talk about an incident that recently happened in my life. This past Wednesday, January 23, 2008, I got up six in the morning to go to a normal day at work. After I left for my apartment I stopped to get some breakfast on they way. When incident that I want to talk about it is what happened next when I was getting on the highway to head towards the mall. Of course with my luck as I am entering on the entrance ramp to the highway, which was a slow moving parking lot at the time, I looked down for one second and boom I rear-ended another vehicle. Now the thing that gets me is the fact that we were both going under the speed of 30 miles per hour and even though that happened my air bag decided to deploy thus burning my arm because of the velocity at which it deployed. The driver of the other vehicle was fine other than her neck. In the end the cops were called and she was unfortunately taken to the hospital on a stretcher in an ambulance just as a precaution. Luckily there was very minor damage to her car, yet with my truck on the other hand the bumper has to be replaced, as well as the steering wheel. In the end everyone in the incident is ok, including the unknown 18-month of infant that was in the back seat of the vehicle that was struck. I personally feel horrible about the situation but there is nothing to change what has happened and I just have to move on with life. There luckily will not be any charges filed by the other party involved towards me. I will have to take a class in order to have the points removed from my licenses but I can deal with that.

Campaign Commercial

When looking at the many different campaigns that are circling the television and computer world they all seem to sound a like. The most I get out of them is, “look at me! Vote for me!” I find it all to really be ridiculous because I feel that there is so much wasted money in campaigns that these candidates use that could go to many other ideas and purposes. For this blog I am choosing to analyze one of the campaign commercials from Rudy Giuliani. In this commercial in particular Rudy’s voice is not the main voice but the voice is very compelling and very believable. The tone in the commercial is very believable and the support and examples of why Giuliani deserves the candidate position are very strong because they are personal and historical events throughout Giuliani’s political career including Regan, September 11th and much, much more. Personally I feel that the overall emotional connection the commercial makes with the viewing audience is the connection with September 11th, 2001m because it was not just a local tragedy, it was a national awareness and tragedy because of its overall affect that we all know about. Overall the main purpose of the commercial is among toward our state as it says in the end because everything right now is focused on Florida because of our primary elections that are going to be held on the upcoming Tuesday. Overall the commercial is a very strong and supportive campaign commercial for the republican candidate for the party leader.

Assignment 2

Part 1
1. The following are my own definitions:
a. Authority (ethos) – in a persuasive manor the term authority (or ethos) means the way one approaches a topic and how they go about explaining their reasoning with which ever side they choose of the topic. It’s more of the ethical matter in which one would take to persuade others.
b. Emotion (pathos) – this term in a persuasive appeal is the connection that the speaker makes with its audience in an argument.
c. Logic (logos) – logic, in a persuasive manor, is the way one uses examples and support to project their idea to others.
2. When writing a research paper it is a good idea to do two important things. The first would be to use instant authority with your audience based off of research you have done on your computer. Secondly while using the instant authority tool you must also sound authorities but in a reasonable tone. Really the main key when using authority is to use that towards your advantage when using pathos and logos because you will have already grabbed the audience’s attention and thus can make your point more clear.
3. When in a situation when one is trying to persuade an audience to take after their view on a certain topic it is very key to pull in the pathos tool of an argument. When trying to appeal to the audience with emotion the speaker could easily make things comfortable and humorous to get through the first stages and they could also try to relate to the audience in some from of personal, but too personal, way. It is a great advantage to have the emotional tool completed in an argument because it allows the audience to think of you as a reliable and authoritative person.
4. Yes there are many ways that it can be a disadvantage with being too over emotional with an audience. Some examples of this are when someone is too humorous that one forgets what the point is of the entire paper or speech. Another example is when someone or something becomes too disturbing for views in the audience.
5. When using logos in an argument one can benefit from using tools like relatable examples that are not only understandable by the audience but are strong as well. The use of also being very supportive of your examples with stats and facts for people to follow can benefit you when using logos.
6. No I believe that ethos, pathos, and logos are all intertwined with one another because you need one in order to support the others. For example, if someone wants to make an emotional connection with the audience they must first establish an authorities bond with them. Again this can be done with the use of instant authority.

Part 2
“Why the M Word Matters to Me”
By Andrew Sullivan

This essay I personally feel the most of an emotional tie with because of the topic at hand. This is one of many essays that I have read that I have really enjoyed reading because it is a coming of age tale about someone’s personal life, which anyone like me would be immediately drawn towards. Therefore I feel that the most powerful elemental tool used in this essay is pathos because again of the topic at hand. Yet I must say that the writer of the essay was very authorities in the beginning because of the way he draws in the audience to what he is talking about. The title itself actually can be considered somewhat authorities because it shows how the writer feels towards the topic. Towards the end of the essay is when the writer of the essay decided to logically tie in the relationship that he wants to establish with anyone who has or is feeling like him because he brings a sense of hope and unity and he logically proves that love isn’t about who or what kind of person your with, its about being happy, which is what he strongly believes is the key importance of marriage.

Assignment 1

Definitions in my terms:
1. Claim – an idea or a belief that one follows in all aspects.
a. A claim in the use of an argument is when someone is claiming something that they believe in and are fighting for in that argument.
2. Support – the ideas and/or thoughts that follow someone’s belief.
a. The support in an argument is the evidence or ideas in which the person uses to get their point across about their claim.
3. Evidence – facts about a certain subject and/or idea.
a. The evidence in an argument is the facts in which the person will use to over justify their idea and/or claim.
4. Explanation – someone’s definition of what them believe in or claim to have evidence for in their own words.
a. The explanation in an argument is the ideas of the person themselves in their own words and thoughts.

Michael Crichton Questions:

1. My immediate response to his argument is that he is right in many different ways and that he has thought out everything that he has to say and is supporting it with evidence and examples. I feel very compelled to learn more about what he has to say and how he believe and feels towards different subjects. The one main thing that stuck with me when reading this article was his ability to stay focused and on topic.
2. Crichton’s tone throughout this entire article is very direct and to the point. He does this to get the readers attention and make them aware of his beliefs and his ideas because on the grand scheme of things he is right about a lot of stuff. Therefore he makes the reader feel way in order to let the reader feel how he feels and hopefully get that reader to start acting on the problems in which he mentions.
3. Crichton’s main claim is environmentalism and along with all of that he makes supporting claims yet while he does this he manages to stay on topic and always refers back to the main claim.
4. In the article Crichton supports his claims by using facts, such as statistics, he also uses a lot of philosophies to support his claims. He also refers to and explains the comparisons to the different religions and how they are so similar. Overall though his claims and the support that he provides brings a great amount of understanding which is a big plus in the end.
5. In the article Crichton states that he doesn’t cite his sources because though some seem very valid they are all mostly related to the religious factor, which really isn’t based on fact yet more on faith. Personally I do agree with his wise choice to do this because he is ultimately correct. Granted one can go and cited things from the bible or any other religious book yet what is the point when all of that is merely based off of faith and not ultimate fact.
6. Yes, I do ultimately believe the Crichton’s argument is a strong one because of the way he wrote the article and how explained his thoughts. He, in an overall sense, created an article that was easy to read and understand yet at the same time had a valid argument and claim in which he wanted to be heard.