Free Write 2

Modeling. The world of modeling is crazy and insane. I have been told main times that I should be a model because apparently I am worthy of being in prints ads. Well I think I am going to peruse what people say I am worthy of because I want to give it a shot. Right now it is very hard for me to peruse the modeling thing because I am in school and that takes up a lot of my time yet I have been to one casting call in my life which was an amazing experience if I do say so myself.
Right now I am a Hollister Co. model in the store at the International Plaza and Bay Street. I have been working there for the past couple of months since August of the past year. In November of 2007 I was asked to go to the casting call for the Abercrombie and Fitch Company which I was obviously so excited to go to. Unfortunately I was not chosen for the 2008 fall photo shoot but still its okay.
Again so right now with school and everything I am going to be trying to find a legitimate model agency in which I could branch off of with an agent who could thus lead me into the lovely, yet hated, world of modeling. Wish me luck!

Ky :-P

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