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Throughout these past two weeks there has been a lot of things going on. One of those many things is that Presidential Primary Elections. I am kind of excited about all the things that are happening this year with the Presidential Elections because on both sides of the different parties there are very close races, especially now, for the candidate spot for their party. I personally though grew up in a republican house hold and I was brought up with certain views about everything in the world. Yet now that I am out and on my own I have these mixed emotions about things that concern different topics at hand. Therefore when I register to vote, which I will be doing in the upcoming weeks I will register an independent because that is what I feel is right for me at this point in time. Anyway I think that the Presidential Primary Elections, especially after all that has happened with the Florida Primary being the week before Big Tuesday and all the interesting things that went down with the Democratic side of the Elections. Overall this year is going to be one never to forget as we approach the deadline of the first Tuesday of November, the pressure is on.

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