Free Write 4

So I know this week is another free write so I have decided on talking about a recent tragic event that has occurred. On the recent night of February 16th, 2008, a car at the intersection of Dale Mabry and Waters Avenue struck two girls at ages of 17 and 18. One of the girls [...]

Free Write 3

Hmm. What do I want to talk about this week; well there is a lot of stuff that has happened this week. I found out I got a 100 percent on my first Engineering Calculus exam, I worked for the first time in two weeks, I went out on Thursday night with all my friends [...]

Event Intrest

Throughout these past two weeks there has been a lot of things going on. One of those many things is that Presidential Primary Elections. I am kind of excited about all the things that are happening this year with the Presidential Elections because on both sides of the different parties there are very close races, [...]

Free Write 2

Modeling. The world of modeling is crazy and insane. I have been told main times that I should be a model because apparently I am worthy of being in prints ads. Well I think I am going to peruse what people say I am worthy of because I want to give it a shot. Right [...]

Class Discussion

“Should you give a homeless person a dollar?” that is that question that I am to answer according to the blog entry. Personally I have a very interesting view on the homeless people of the world. I personally fear them. And I know that that sounds a bit “sissy-is” but I really, truly am afraid [...]