Free Write 3

Hmm. What do I want to talk about this week; well there is a lot of stuff that has happened this week. I found out I got a 100 percent on my first Engineering Calculus exam, I worked for the first time in two weeks, I went out on Thursday night with all my friends and had a blast. Overall this week has been so crazy and so hectic that I am just worn out. For example, last night I went out with my friends to the lovely place called Ybor City where we danced and partied all night. Yet the thing that sucked the most was the fact that I didn’t get home until around 3:45 A.M. and I was tired. Therefore I went to bed but stupid me had to work this morning. So I went to bed around four in the morning and woke up for work at eight so I could get ready and get there by ten. All I have to say is that I am exhausted because work just seemed to take forever to get over with and it wasn’t even busy. And now I’m finishing up these two blogs in order to get my points and keep up with work before I go and pass out for the lack of sleep that I had received the night before. O well that’s my topic of choice for this week.

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