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Since this blog is a free write I feel the need to talk about an incident that recently happened in my life. This past Wednesday, January 23, 2008, I got up six in the morning to go to a normal day at work. After I left for my apartment I stopped to get some breakfast on they way. When incident that I want to talk about it is what happened next when I was getting on the highway to head towards the mall. Of course with my luck as I am entering on the entrance ramp to the highway, which was a slow moving parking lot at the time, I looked down for one second and boom I rear-ended another vehicle. Now the thing that gets me is the fact that we were both going under the speed of 30 miles per hour and even though that happened my air bag decided to deploy thus burning my arm because of the velocity at which it deployed. The driver of the other vehicle was fine other than her neck. In the end the cops were called and she was unfortunately taken to the hospital on a stretcher in an ambulance just as a precaution. Luckily there was very minor damage to her car, yet with my truck on the other hand the bumper has to be replaced, as well as the steering wheel. In the end everyone in the incident is ok, including the unknown 18-month of infant that was in the back seat of the vehicle that was struck. I personally feel horrible about the situation but there is nothing to change what has happened and I just have to move on with life. There luckily will not be any charges filed by the other party involved towards me. I will have to take a class in order to have the points removed from my licenses but I can deal with that.

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