Campaign Commercial

When looking at the many different campaigns that are circling the television and computer world they all seem to sound a like. The most I get out of them is, “look at me! Vote for me!” I find it all to really be ridiculous because I feel that there is so much wasted money in campaigns that these candidates use that could go to many other ideas and purposes. For this blog I am choosing to analyze one of the campaign commercials from Rudy Giuliani. In this commercial in particular Rudy’s voice is not the main voice but the voice is very compelling and very believable. The tone in the commercial is very believable and the support and examples of why Giuliani deserves the candidate position are very strong because they are personal and historical events throughout Giuliani’s political career including Regan, September 11th and much, much more. Personally I feel that the overall emotional connection the commercial makes with the viewing audience is the connection with September 11th, 2001m because it was not just a local tragedy, it was a national awareness and tragedy because of its overall affect that we all know about. Overall the main purpose of the commercial is among toward our state as it says in the end because everything right now is focused on Florida because of our primary elections that are going to be held on the upcoming Tuesday. Overall the commercial is a very strong and supportive campaign commercial for the republican candidate for the party leader.

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