Assignment 2

Part 1
1. The following are my own definitions:
a. Authority (ethos) – in a persuasive manor the term authority (or ethos) means the way one approaches a topic and how they go about explaining their reasoning with which ever side they choose of the topic. It’s more of the ethical matter in which one would take to persuade others.
b. Emotion (pathos) – this term in a persuasive appeal is the connection that the speaker makes with its audience in an argument.
c. Logic (logos) – logic, in a persuasive manor, is the way one uses examples and support to project their idea to others.
2. When writing a research paper it is a good idea to do two important things. The first would be to use instant authority with your audience based off of research you have done on your computer. Secondly while using the instant authority tool you must also sound authorities but in a reasonable tone. Really the main key when using authority is to use that towards your advantage when using pathos and logos because you will have already grabbed the audience’s attention and thus can make your point more clear.
3. When in a situation when one is trying to persuade an audience to take after their view on a certain topic it is very key to pull in the pathos tool of an argument. When trying to appeal to the audience with emotion the speaker could easily make things comfortable and humorous to get through the first stages and they could also try to relate to the audience in some from of personal, but too personal, way. It is a great advantage to have the emotional tool completed in an argument because it allows the audience to think of you as a reliable and authoritative person.
4. Yes there are many ways that it can be a disadvantage with being too over emotional with an audience. Some examples of this are when someone is too humorous that one forgets what the point is of the entire paper or speech. Another example is when someone or something becomes too disturbing for views in the audience.
5. When using logos in an argument one can benefit from using tools like relatable examples that are not only understandable by the audience but are strong as well. The use of also being very supportive of your examples with stats and facts for people to follow can benefit you when using logos.
6. No I believe that ethos, pathos, and logos are all intertwined with one another because you need one in order to support the others. For example, if someone wants to make an emotional connection with the audience they must first establish an authorities bond with them. Again this can be done with the use of instant authority.

Part 2
“Why the M Word Matters to Me”
By Andrew Sullivan

This essay I personally feel the most of an emotional tie with because of the topic at hand. This is one of many essays that I have read that I have really enjoyed reading because it is a coming of age tale about someone’s personal life, which anyone like me would be immediately drawn towards. Therefore I feel that the most powerful elemental tool used in this essay is pathos because again of the topic at hand. Yet I must say that the writer of the essay was very authorities in the beginning because of the way he draws in the audience to what he is talking about. The title itself actually can be considered somewhat authorities because it shows how the writer feels towards the topic. Towards the end of the essay is when the writer of the essay decided to logically tie in the relationship that he wants to establish with anyone who has or is feeling like him because he brings a sense of hope and unity and he logically proves that love isn’t about who or what kind of person your with, its about being happy, which is what he strongly believes is the key importance of marriage.

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