Class Discussion

“Should you give a homeless person a dollar?” that is that question that I am to answer according to the blog entry. Personally I have a very interesting view on the homeless people of the world. I personally fear them. And I know that that sounds a bit “sissy-is” but I really, truly am afraid of them. I have had personal experiences with the homeless people and with my experiences I have had is how I come to the conclusion of my fear for them.
Though I may seem that I have such a focused view towards a homeless person I still would possibly give a dollar to one if the circumstances called for it. When I say that I mean first off I would obviously need to have a dollar on me to give away, which is rare enough because I rarely carry any money on me at all. Secondly I really feel that it would also depend on the mood I was in that particular day and/or how I was feeling that day because I am a very giving person but I feel that money isn’t something to give away.
Really like I said it all depends on how I feel that day and even if I have the money to give away. But I feel that anyone can get of a rut and get back up on their feet. Even though I understand that most homeless people choose to be like that because they are lazy or mentally not all there. I still though don’t think that its very plausible for me not to give a homeless person a dollar.

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